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Starting alignment
Alignment must be in FASTA format. Alternatively, you may provide a single sequence in plain text or in FASTA format.

NOTE: We treat your input as a "starting alignment" which is then enriched using HHblits. If Jackhmmer is selected only the first (or query) sequence is used. [20 < query_length < 1000] contact us if you wish to submit a sequence larger than the limit.

NEW: We have a seperate submission page for protein-protein coevolution analysis.
Generate MSA using: Filter MSA GREMLIN
E-value: Iterations: Coverage: Remove gaps: Prior:
  • HHblits/Jackhmmer
    • HHblits and Jackhmmer are methods used to generate the Multiple Sequence Alignment (MSA).
    • <E-value/Iterations> options are used to control the diversity of MSA generation.
    • To use your own alignment, without MSA enrichment, set Iterations to 0.
  • Filter MSA
    • <Coverage> Filter MSA to remove sequences that don't cover at least (%) of query.
    • <Remove gaps> After coverage filter, remove positions in the alignment that have (%) gaps.
    • only Vanilia works right now, other options are under construction.
    • Vanilla - Pure sequence based analysis (no prior).
    • SS - Add Secondary Structure prior, based on PSIPRED predictions.
    • SVM - Add SVM-CON prior.
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UniProt Database Update: (HHblits: 2016_02) (Jackhmmer: 2016_04)
PDB Update: (HHsearch: pdb70_06Aug15)