Genes: A B A+B
Length: 423 369 792
Sequences: 1 1 1
Seq/Len: 0 0 0
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We filter this alignment to remove positions that have > 75% gaps before running GREMLIN.

[Show HHblits results] - Maybe useful in deciding what regions to trim.

Δgene Ratio of paralogs Joined
A B Seq/Len
Paired alignment generation
None of the genomes have hits within 20 Δgene.
Sequence A E-value:
Sequence B E-value:
Δgene MSA
Figure 1: The effect of Δgene on ratio of paralogs in the genome for each gene, and the number of sequences in the resulting joined alignment. Figure 2: Distribution of Δgene across all genomes. Figure 3: Current parameters. You can use the form to adjust the parameters and resubmit the job!

GREMLIN results
  • ERROR: Not enough sequences to run GREMLIN analysis on (0 < 0.6).

ID Seq/Len Name Options I_Prob Status
8017 0 ch Δgene:(1, ∞) A:(1E-02, 8) B:(1E-02, 8) msa: Jackhmmer (r132) Killed - Shared
8009 0 ch Δgene:(1, ∞) A:(1E-20, 8) B:(1E-20, 8) msa: HHblits (2015_06) Killed - Shared

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