L07 - S15
UniProt: Q8VVE2 - Q5SJ76
Length: 214
Sequences: 1305
Seq/Len: 6.10
I_Prob: 0.00
GREMLIN Results (Scaled_score > 1):

Legend: The darker and larger the blue dots, the higher strength in coevolution. Blue filled circles are GREMLIN results (Scaled_score >1). The grey/red filled circles underneath are pdb residue contacts (min distance < 5 Angstroms). The shade of the circles is based on HHsearch results which uses the overall probability and per-site alignment confidence. Inter-chain contacts in the pdb are in shades of red.
2j002j00O 2j01L 2j02O 2j03LContact Map
4kix4kix6 4kiyO 4kj0O 4kj2O 4kj4OContact Map
3i8f3i8gR 3i8hR 3i8iIJContact Map
3sfs3sfsO 3sgfLKMJContact Map
4kd84kd8O 4kd9e 4kdaO 4kdbeContact Map
4kcy4kcyO 4kcze 4kd0O 4kd2eContact Map
3uoq3uoqO 3uosKLMJContact Map
4kbt4kbtO 4kbue 4kbvO 4kbweContact Map
4kdg4kdgO 4kdhe 4kdjO 4kdkeContact Map
1yl31yl3IJ 1yl4RContact Map

Residue pairs sorted by strength in coevolution signal:
i j Scaled Score I_Prob
4_D 16_A 0.63 0.00
95_K 33_T 0.62 0.00
24_I 60_V 0.57 0.00
82_T 27_V 0.56 0.00
27_L 65_R 0.56 0.00
61_D 19_P 0.55 0.00
117_A 9_Q 0.55 0.00
79_R 55_G 0.54 0.00
45_P 68_R 0.54 0.00
1_M 73_E 0.52 0.00
2_A 2_P 0.52 0.00
25_D 44_K 0.51 0.00
8_I 14_E 0.51 0.00
45_P 14_E 0.50 0.00
100_K 52_S 0.50 0.00
102_G 68_R 0.50 0.00
122_V 15_F 0.50 0.00
53_P 13_Q 0.49 0.00
21_K 89_G 0.49 0.00
18_L 57_L 0.49 0.00
107_E 73_E 0.49 0.00
Legend: The i (protein A) and j (protein B) are positions as given in the UniProt sequences. The value of the raw score is the function of the learning procedure, L2 normalization and APC (entropic) correction.

Scaled Score = raw_score/average(raw_scores)
I_Prob = P(contact | scaled_score, seq/len, top_inter_score)

Text file of predictions
(includes both intra and inter preds)

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