L34 - S01
UniProt: P80340 - Q5SLY1
Length: 585
Sequences: 773
Seq/Len: 1.51
I_Prob: 0.00
GREMLIN Results (Scaled_score > 1):

Legend: The darker and larger the blue dots, the higher strength in coevolution.

Residue pairs sorted by strength in coevolution signal:
i j Scaled Score I_Prob
31_L 263_L 1.02 0.00
19_R 122_G 1.00 0.00
31_L 183_V 0.84 0.00
25_P 352_L 0.82 0.00
26_G 219_V 0.79 0.00
1_M 173_I 0.77 0.00
38_G 262_V 0.76 0.00
Legend: The i (protein A) and j (protein B) are positions as given in the UniProt sequences. The value of the raw score is the function of the learning procedure, L2 normalization and APC (entropic) correction.

Scaled Score = raw_score/average(raw_scores)
I_Prob = P(contact | scaled_score, seq/len, top_inter_score)

Text file of predictions
(includes both intra and inter preds)

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