L13 - L33
UniProt: P60488 - P35871
Length: 194
Sequences: 1172
Seq/Len: 6.10
I_Prob: 0.00
GREMLIN Results (Scaled_score > 1):

Legend: The darker and larger the blue dots, the higher strength in coevolution. Blue filled circles are GREMLIN results (Scaled_score >1). The grey/red filled circles underneath are pdb residue contacts (min distance < 5 Angstroms). The shade of the circles is based on HHsearch results which uses the overall probability and per-site alignment confidence. Inter-chain contacts in the pdb are in shades of red.
3v2c3v2dN6 3v2fN6Contact Map
2j002j01N6 2j03N6Contact Map
4juw4juxN6Contact Map
4kix4kixJ1 4kizJ1 4kj1J1 4kj3J1Contact Map
4kj54kj5J1 4kj7J1 4kj9J1 4kjbJ1Contact Map
2zjr2zjrG1Contact Map
4btc4btdN6Contact Map
3uyd3uyeM6 3uygM6Contact Map
4gd13r8sJ1 3r8tJ1Contact Map
3ohc3ohjN6 3ohkN6Contact Map

Residue pairs sorted by strength in coevolution signal:
i j Scaled Score I_Prob
85_I 9_L 0.78 0.00
3_T 22_A 0.68 0.00
138_L 7_I 0.62 0.00
7_K 34_L 0.61 0.00
55_V 44_R 0.60 0.00
105_G 37_R 0.58 0.00
61_R 44_R 0.58 0.00
96_E 9_L 0.58 0.00
50_D 50_R 0.57 0.00
77_G 26_N 0.57 0.00
102_A 25_K 0.55 0.00
87_L 27_K 0.55 0.00
76_S 45_K 0.55 0.00
96_E 47_T 0.55 0.00
84_K 52_V 0.53 0.00
Legend: The i (protein A) and j (protein B) are positions as given in the UniProt sequences. The value of the raw score is the function of the learning procedure, L2 normalization and APC (entropic) correction.

Scaled Score = raw_score/average(raw_scores)
I_Prob = P(contact | scaled_score, seq/len, top_inter_score)

Text file of predictions
(includes both intra and inter preds)

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